6 thoughts on “Alexander Rischer | Stefanie Becker

  1. I suspect I’m ifnnuelced by my love for those old Penguins. I’d certainly agree his art has a one-note quality. But I still like the original Poe cover: the new one, not much.

  2. Don’t want to be accused of heresy, er… but have you considered parking 2.5 km away and walking – grin. Great way to share news of your new book as you pass by passers-by, people in cafes, etc. You could pretend to be taking a poll about who has heard about the book?

  3. WordPress has a zillions pros, too, but it was just a personal preference at the time. Though I’m using WordPress for official purpose due to the fact that I am bothered about moving my data over to Blogengine might create drop in my rankings in Google. So, Im restricting myself to using it at a personal level, once Im able to test things successfully, I might move over with implementing it for my official blog and knowledgebase.

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