FWB | Esther Perbandt Winter 2010


Leider aufgrund des dichten Timetables am Donnerstag verpasst: Esther Perbandts Show “Rendez-Vous Avec La Lune”, eine Inszenierung/Video-Performance ihrer Winterkollektion 2010 zusammen mit dem Berliner Künstler Jaybo im projectroom und damit erneut eine wunderbare Verschmelzung aus Mode und Kunst.

25 Januar, 2010

13 thoughts on “FWB | Esther Perbandt Winter 2010

  1. danke ffcr den hinweis!mir gefe4llt ihr stil sehr gut. sterng und maskulin, feminin. die geschlechterrollen werden hier doch etwas aufgelf6st und vermischt.

  2. yg bodoh ni org2 PASial ajer…mana tau nak ada kemajuan….mcm pok nik cakap politik pembangunan xde guna….tu sbb kelantan mundur mcm zaman batu…tapi kalo jadi HUB penjenayah dan AIDS no 1…..syabas org2 PASial…

  3. “The idiocy and ignorance on display here is so barbaric one can hardly breathe.”Shortness of breath while browsing the internet? Sounds like you need to cut back on the Big Macs pal.

  4. Thanks for the feedback and support everyone It is ridiculously scary putting a book out into the world, but it’s easier having this network of support… plus the pleasure that comes with dispatching copies to the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain… thank you

  5. Felipe I have a question when was this interview done because he talks about 2010 as a future event, or is this recent? Another question, what’s to stop us from saying that everyone is an ET soul to some extent or another, and the degree or extent to which we realize that for ourselves is the degree to which we have allowed the negative ones to posion, alter, and dumb down our true nature. I mean we can’t really know for sure unless we all underwent past life regressions or possess recall.

  6. Automatix is overrated. Without Automatix, you can install Flash, Java and Multimedia just by installing the package ubuntu-restricted-extras in Ubuntu Feisty. To install a proprietary graphics driver, you just have to open Restricted Manager and make a tick. If needed, you have to install libdvd********.The big differences to Automatix are 3 minutes of more time for the installation and it being the official, supported way of getting multimedia plus a much lower chances to break updates or break anything else.

  7. during a concert in (?France? — overseas somewhere)that they were embarassed to be from the same state as the president because of the war mess. Radio stations quit playing their songs and some people were evidently VERY nasty to them, so they, and thousands of their supporters, screamed that their freedom of speech was violated.Now, there is a documentary, “Shut Up and Sing” about what a travesty it is that the American people would rather hear Natalie Maines sing than give political opinions.

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